First Ever Hockey Goalie-Specific Slideboard!

XHockeyProducts, ProHybrid Training, and Fan-tastic Sports are pleased to announce an exciting new off-ice slideboard system designed specifically for GOALIES.  This innovative training device challenges goaltenders both on-foot and sliding on pads, all while ensuting proper positioning within the crease.  Introducing the X-Goalie Crease Slideboard.

The X-Goalie Crease Slideboard (patent pending) with "Consistent Confidence Crease" training is designed to:

  • Train goalie-specific muscles
  • Teach proper postioning with the use of visual cues
  • Provide an on-ice feel without the use of skates
  • Teach goaltenders through an innovative video series brought to you in partnership with ProHybrid Goalie Training
The X-Goalie Crease Slideboard is an NHL regulation goalie crease slideboard that utilizes Fan-tastic Sports technology along with the ProHybrid Visual Lead Position System.  This system allows a goalie to develop muscle memory using the same Squareness, Angle and Depth as he on the ice.  Our patent pending crease uses adjustable stoppers to create customizable movement patterns.  PowerStrides, Shuffles, Pushoffs, Recoveries, Slides and even paddle down wraps can be practiced on our board.
Our crease has two challenging levels: Foundation and Elite.  Young goalies will want to start our using the crease at the Foundation Level.  This level will allow them to get a feel for our system.  (show pics and short demo)
Visit XHOCKEYPRODCTS.COM for more information and to be one of the first to receive this patent pending off-ice goalie system...The X-Goalie Crease!!

Author: xhockeyAdmin

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